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Ride Clear Of Diablo

Ride Clear Of Diablo

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Ride Clear Of Diablo  Railroad surveyer Clay O’Mara goes after rustlers who murdered his father and brother. Along the way, he first arrests then teams up with outlaw Whitey Kincade, who helps Clay, only to see how long the tenderfoot lasts. Outwitting several attempts on his life engineered by the crooked lawyer who set up his family, O’Mara and a wounded Kincade face the gang. Kincade wanted to protect O’Mara and redeem himself, and goes down shooting.

This is a Great Movie

Ride Clear Of Diablo  This is probably one of my top 3-4 favorite Audie Murphy movies, and I’ve seen about 20 of them–or about 50% of what he made. Dan Duryea as Whitey Kinkaid is a very interesting and amusing character who plays nicely off Audie’s very credible performance. Russell Johnson (later the Professor on Gilligan’s Island) as Jed Ringer and the lawyer and sheriff have some great lines that offset the B picture sets. All in all, this is a highly watchable movie, along with another Murphy/Duryea team-up, “Six Black Horses.” Duryea and Murphy appeared together again in Jimmy Stewart’s “Night Passage,” but I like Ride Clear of Diablo and Horses better. Would pay $500 to have Audie’s full filmography on DVD.

One of the best Audie Murphy westerns

Murphy is the guy looking for revenge,people tend to underestimate him, until he shows himself fast in the draw. One of the best things here is the relationship between Murphy and Dan Duryea. This film is very unpretentious and entertaining, and it´s a pity they don´t make westerns like this anymore.

Its exciting

Ride clear of Diablo is my favourite Audie Murphy western.Its exciting,suspenseful and the rapport between audie and Dan Duryea is great.This film is highly enjoyable with humour and a good twist in the end.This is a feel good western.

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