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Ride a Crooked Trail

Ride a Crooked Trail

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Ride a Crooked Trail, After robbing a bank Murphy assumes the identity of his pursuer, a famous US Marshal, when he stumbles into a town and is confronted by the local judge, Matthau. Murphy is forced to remain as the new Marshal; an old flame, Scala, nearly unmasks him by accident, only to be forced to assume the ruse of being Murphy’s wife. The “couple” given a house and respectability, which neither has had before. They maintain the charade to avoid hurting a young orphan boy, Matthau’s ward. Scala is torn by her loyalty to boyfriend planning to rob the bank and growing feelings for Murphy.

Showcase for Mattheau

Ride a Crooked Trail, This was a good Westrn, pretty much of a formula Western of Hollywood from 1950 to 1990, in which the hero begins as a bad guy. One wonders if a Western hero could ever have started out good to be a Hollywood hero. The answer is “no”. Murphy plays an outlaw who assumes the identity of a lawman whom he sees fall off a cliff. He becomes a celebrity in a town where the law in a roguish judge played by Walter Mattheau. The movie is more of a showcase for him than anything, and he does brilliantly. People who know who Audie Murphy really is show up with ulterior motives, and Murphy finds himself in the middle. No doubt, most people will find the main character’s part a bit formula, but likewise, most people will enjoy Mattheau very much. A lot of likable aspects to this story. Not packed with gunplay, but there are several guns going off. Enough action to keep 98% of the audience interested. Lots to like.

Quite a fun bank heist western….

This is quite a good, light-hearted little western featuring Audie Murphy as an escaping bank robber who arrives in a town only to be mistaken by the local judge – a feisty Walter Matthau – for a likely candidate for sheriff. When Gia Scala – Murphy’s old flame gets off the river boat she almost lands him it, so to avoid discovery he claims that they are married so as he can carry out his own nefarious plans. When her real beau and his gang arrive in town things all start to get a bit complicated… It’s an entertaining hour and a half; with a good rapport between all three principals and Eddie Little as the young “Jimmy”. It’s got an half decent script and some good action, thrown in too. The ending is a bit poor, but I suppose it was inevitable…

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