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Nude for Satan

Nude for Satan

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Nude For Satan : Storyline

A psychedelic exploitation.

Nude for Satan, A doctor and a young lady(beautiful Rita Calderoni)have just been involved in a car accident.The doctor leaves the girl at the accident scene,and runs off to a spooky castle for help.He enters the castle,and finds that it’s inhabited by some laughing ghoul(most likely Satan himself).Later,the young lady goes looking for the doctor,and eventually finds her way to the same castle.However when they meet again,they find that they haven’t met each other,they have meet their doppelgangers.Luigi Batzella’s “Nude for Satan” is a great piece of sleazy trash.The special effects are jaw-droppingly awful(a monster spider especially comes to my mind!)and the dialogue is horrid. Still there is plenty of nudity to satisfy fans of Italian sleaze.Rita Calderoni is naked pretty often and her lesbian scenes are suitably sensual.A must-see for fans of Italian sleaze/horror!

Strange and sleazy!

Nude for Satan, Two strangers, a male doctor and a beautiful woman, find refuge in a castle after a motor accident. Things rapidly get very strange and dirty! The plot is very confusing, something about doppelgangers, Satan and sex. I pretty much gave up trying to fathom it out but will probably give it another viewing in the future. Italian Gothic horror, I found it to be quite well filmed (apart from the ridiculously bad giant spider), atmospheric and comes with an effective musical score. I watched the uncensored version which features some graphic real sex in addition to all the nudity. Rita Calderoni looks good naked but looks like they used a body double for the hard stuff. More of a curiosity than anything, this will only appeal to lovers of Euro sleaze and bushy women!

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