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Not Without My Daughter

Not Without My Daughter

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Not Without My Daughter  “Moody” is an Iranian doctor living in America with his American wife Betty and their child Mahtob. Wanting to see his homeland again, he convinces his wife to take a short holiday there with him and Mahtob. Betty is reluctant, as Iran is not a pleasant place, especially if you are American and female. Upon arrival in Iran, it appears that her worst fears are realized: Moody declares that they will be living there from now on. Betty is determined to escape from Iran, but taking her daughter with her presents a larger problem.

Scary but true story of a woman and child trapped in a foreign country by an abusive husband.

 Not Without My Daughter  At first I had reservations about this film until I lived in a country similar to Iran.

The fact is that no one can comprehend the differences in culture and religion until they have lived it.

Women of any nation or religion suffer from abusive relationships but as laws go in many Muslim countries, problems arise when a foreign national woman wants to leave with her children because the children are seen as belonging to the husband’s family.

I did find fault with the film however, because they seemed to show alot of ugliness in the land and of the people. I find this often in films critical of Arab, Iranian, or Muslim countries. Its as if the producers look for the worst looking actors and locations they can find to make the viewers think that all the people and places in those countries are like that.

Overall I liked this film and found it true and correct. Sally Field is a great actress and played the part of Betty Mahmoody well.

Good Film

 I’m sorry that some people feel that a true story is some sort of Iran bashing. I’m also sorry that so many middle eastern countries are primitive and have little respect for women or their right to equality.

Sally Field did a great job in this movie, and yes since it’s a true story – it actually happened – how about that? Yes it made me hate Moody and his family – and why not it portrayed their evil. And evil is exactly what they were so the movie did exactly what it should have. I think this movie is another great insight as to what goes on in the middle east and certainly doesn’t deserve any of the criticism found in these forums.

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