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Not Quite Human

Not Quite Human

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Not Quite Human  Dr. Jonas Carson, a scientist, invents Chip, an android teenager. Dr. Carson sends Chip to school with his daughter Becky to see whether an android could interact with others. But his former employer decides to try and make a profit by stealing the mechanical boy.

How can anyone forget these movies, huh?????

Not Quite Human  Before I continue forth with the new millennium, I will go back in time once more because I had completely forgotten about these gems!!!!!

In 1987, Disney, while still a “low” company in the 80s, was able to start a series of films on television called “Not Quite Human,” about a geeky teenager who, like in “Inspector Gadget,” looks like a human but is really a robot!!!!! Now this SCREAMS 80S, along with other films like “Tron” and “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” because it combines everything of yesteryear with the technologies of tomorrow!!!!!

My parents remember seeing this on the TV back then, back when I was just born or something. However, my very first encounter with this film was on the Old Disney Channel (one time, I’ve seen this, and the other parts, on my 12th B’day in May of ’99!!!!!)

“Not Quite Human” is a very good series of films to watch, if you can ever find these movies again.

If memory serves true, AMAZING

Nothing better than an android boasting 80’s technology and a coming-of-age storyline to pull your thoughts from the depths of your mind front and center to be taken captive by a beautifully lovable cast. Growing up in the 80’s gave me the priceless opportunity to see re- runs of “not quite human” on many special occasions. Considering the fact that my parents were never present during the viewings, I would guess that I would most likely not enjoy it near as much as I did as a child. So perhaps this is a film to dig out of your VHS collection and hand to your kids, it can be found on the same tape as “The apple dumpling gang” and an episode of “tour of duty,” that is if you recorded in LP mode of course.

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