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No Worries

No Worries

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No Worries  A family is forced off their farm due to drought, and move to Sydney. After years of struggling with a water shortage and a lack of financial aid from the government, Australian shepherds Ellen (Susan Lyons) and Ben Bell (Geoff Morrell) are forced to abandon their farm and head for the city. The Bells and their daughter, Matilda (Amy Terelinck), move in with relatives in Sydney, but they have a difficult time adjusting to the harsh realities of urban living — especially Matilda, who runs away from her family in a desperate attempt to get back to the country.

Australia’s best family film

NO WORRIES is a major Australian film adapted from the play by revered British author David Holman. His observations of the Australian farming family resilience faced with brutal yearly droughts and ruthless banks in the early 1990s is keenly reflected with maturity and in his sensitive and heartwarming play. The major economic recession of the time and hard country life ruined many rural families who had grimly held on to properties for several generations. The shock of being forced from their land is a strong theme and it is well observed through the eyes of one family’s 12 year old daughter. Multi award winning local producer David Elfick (NEWSFRONT, STARSTRUCK, RABBIT PROOF FENCE) directed NO WORRIES as a film and met with appreciative applause from The Farmers Federation and the Rural Relief Funds of the time. These major Government organisations were grateful that someone with Elfick’s professional clout had put their plight on to the movie screens of the nation so the city dwellers (80% of the population) could recognise and appreciate what was happening across the rural landscape to family after family. NO WORRIES was a urban sensation of the time and ran for months in some locations. The media adopted the film’s stance and there was widespread lauding of the themes and the well crafted production. It traveled overseas to 13 International Film Festivals and in most cases won the children or family category first prize. Especially at The Berlin Film Festival where it won The Silver Bear. Yes there were some uninformed comments who completely missed the entire emotional substance of the film and sneered “ugh” as if it was uninteresting. Poor them. NO WORRIES had very strong emotional impact on rural Dads who found the reality of family struggle depicted so well to be a outburst they needed. I also was at a screening in rural Dubbo NSW for Farmers and their wives and many men, stoic rural workers were truly moved to speak as if they had been wanting to for years and now could not hold it all back. Basically, the family in the film become refugees in their own country and find the only people who understand their loss and plight after they are forced into the city, are a Vietnamese boat people family who have had a similar experience. This is why, in the last half hour, a friendship is struck like this. Also, the girl’s connection with the sea is where she realises there are wide open spaces here too, just like once before at home in the near-desert, and this helps her stop running. Pleased do not ever be put off by dull viewers, and be reassured, NO WORRIES is a fearless and tough emotional family film, a deserved Aussie classic like the American 40s dramas THE GRAPES OF WRATH or HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY. This film struck all educated viewers as a true experience that can resonate with viewers of all ages. The film reviews of the time were especially good. NO WORRIES was even placed on the school syllabus as required viewing by the Board Of Studies and the Catholic Education Board. It is a multicultural family experience reflective of modern Australia. Find it and be amazed at what an excellent film this genuinely is.

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