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Mr Reliable

Mr Reliable

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Mr Reliable, All Wally Mellish, an ex-convict in 1960s Australia, wants to do is live a quiet life with his girlfriend Beryl. Unfortunately when two police officers come around to disturb this, a misunderstanding quickly becomes out of control, resulting Wally, Beryl and her child being trapped in their house, surrounded by armed police under the impression that Wally is holding everyone hostage. Events quickly spiral into a media circus as, through the siege, Wally – inadvertently – manages to become a symbol for the anti-war movement.

Captivating Australian hostage drama/comedy

“Mr. Reliable is an excellent movie to watch in mixed company. Most importantly, all the Australian actor’s dialects are understandable. The violence is limited to some wild shooting, there are bursts of biting comedy, and as the “hostage” drama progresses the outcome is always in doubt. In addition, a marvelous 60s soundtrack adds tremendously. Best of all, the entire story is based on fact. For a movie that is forty years old, it does not seem dated, even with the “flower power” dress and weird looking vintage automobiles. If the whole movie seems ridiculous, it is, and that is what keeps you watching to see how much further things can spiral out of control. Great movie.

Good little flick from Oz


I tripped over this today & had never heard of it but I said “Hmmm, Colin Friel, comedy? Let’s give ‘er a shot”. As the previous poster said, it’s along the lines of The Castle, and a few others from Down Under: The Dish, Strictly Ballroom, and Danny Deckchair. When the titles rolled I said “That was nice. I feel good.” Can’t ask for much more than that when you trip over a movie you’ve never heard of.

BTW, the quote “If you were my husband I’d poison your soup” was actually spoken at a dinner party by Lady Astor to Winston Churchill, but his reply was “Madam, if I were your husband, I would gladly drink it.”- from the National Lampoon’s 1973 “Wit & Witticisms of Winston Churchill

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