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Mannequin 2 : On the Move

Mannequin 2 : On the Move

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Mannequin 2 : On the Move, The flamboyant Hollywood Montrose is promoted to head window dresser at Prince and Company department store. Hollywood hires his new assistant Jason Williamson, who in a past life was the prince of the Hauptmann-Koenig kingdom. Prince and Company plans to display a mannequin known as the Enchanted Peasant Girl in celebration of the kingdom. And Jason has a nagging feeling he has seen this mannequin somewhere before. Removing a necklace from the mannequin reveals that the Enchanted Peasant Girl is really Jessie, the love of his past life who was placed under a thousand year spell by an evil sorcerer. Their rekindled romance is not without its challenges when the evil sorcerer reappears in his descendant Count Gunther Spretzle, who has plans of his own for Jessie. But Jessie must receive a kiss from her one true love to break free from the curse before Count Spretzle finds her.

Mannequin 2: On The Move

I don’t know what that first commenter was thinking when he/she said that about this movie. Actually he/she has a point. Most movies that are original should NOT have sequels made for them. For example, Mission Impossible. But, this movie, although I loved the first one, actually liked this one better. I think Mesach Taylor plays a very convincing gay man and is really good at the role of Hollywood Montross. If there was to be one role that is to be returning to this plot, Hollywood would be the best one. I actually liked the chemistry between Jason Williamson and Lady Jesse more than Andrew McCarthy and Kim Catrall. This one was a much sweeter movie because it had sweeter parts. Like how they shared a slow dance in that club. That was one. How he took her in mannequin mode all over, even ate with her when she was that way. That combined with the song “I Can’t Believe My Eyes”, that rendition was the sweetest one I’ve ever heard. It just made a little more sense how they had her come from Britain whereas Kim Catrall came from Egypt? That doesn’t make sense. Plus the ending swordfight, was a good touch. Loved it.

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