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Kit Carson

Kit Carson

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Trapper Kit Carson and his band of men join John C. Fremont on his way to California. Enroute they are subjected to Indian attacks that are propagated by the Mexican Government, that does not want the contingency to reach California. Once in California, Fremont and Carson initiate a campaign to free the state from Mexican control

Very fictional account but otherwise very well done

******* Great ‘B’

It’s really rewarding when you can find a gem where you weren’t expecting to. I watched “Kit Carson” because it was raining and golf was cancelled, and I wanted to kill some time. What a surprise to see Jon Hall, of all people, in an action-packed story better than many with higher ratings. I figure it must have been the second feature paired with a more expensive picture, but this one held its own. It moves along at a good clip with some good second unit work on several fight scenes between the settlers and the Cavalry troop, led by Capt. Dana Andrews, chief scout Jon Hall and sidekick Ward Bond. One of the settlers wagons is driven by Clayton Moore – you can close your eyes when he talks and he becomes the Lone Ranger. Close your eyes again, and Jon Hall sounds like Randolph Scott, soft drawl and all.

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