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King of the Khyber Rifles

King of the Khyber Rifles

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King of the Khyber Rifles, Freshly arrived Sandhurst-trained Captain Alan King, better versed in Pashtun then any of the veterans and born locally as army brat, survives an attack on his escort to his Northwest Frontier province garrison near the Khyber pass because of Ahmed, a native Afridi deserter from the Muslim fanatic rebel Karram Khan’s forces. As soon as his fellow officers learn his mother was a native Muslim which got his parents disowned even by their own families, he falls prey to stubborn prejudiced discrimination, Lieutenant Geoffrey Heath even moves out of their quarters, except from half-Irish Lt. Ben Baird. Brigadier general J. R. Maitland, whose policy is full equality among whites, learns King knew Kurrum Khan as a boy and charges him with training and commanding native cavalry, which comes along fine. The general’s egalitarian daughter Susan Maitland takes a fancy to King, even falls in love but the general decides to send her safely home to England after a kidnapped attempt when King saved …

An excellent adventure film

King of the Khyber Rifles, This film is an excellent adventure film. Tyrone Power was a good actor – always entertaining and full of charm. Sadly this film is NEVER shown on TV and is not available on video – this is nothing short of being a scandal!!! Although this is not Power at his best, it is worth seeing, and certainly worthy of a place in my video collection. Smarten up 20th Century Fox and find this film before it decays to dust – or has this happened already?

Loved it ; but Where’s the DVD?

My dad was a RSM (Regimental Sgt. Major) of what we called then the Royal British Marines and are now called just Marines. He’d met and gotten to know some of the men in the 22nd Gurkha Rifle Regiment and remembered them to be; short,tough as nails, and as good a friend as you could ever hope to find. So when I heard the title of this movie I just HAD to see it. I hope this doesn’t SPOIL it for anyone;but I’d seen this movie when quite young and I will always remember that scene where the one soldier says to Captain King while drawing his Kukri(Gurkha Knife) from it’s sheath: “With these Blades of steel; We will follow you to the death”. I can’t help but wonder how long those people will stay asleep that should be putting this movie on DVD?

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