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In The Line Of Duty : Blaze Of Glory

In The Line Of Duty : Blaze Of Glory

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In The Line Of Duty : Blaze Of Glory Former marine and cop Jeff Erickson starts a new life after meeting his dream girl, Jill, running a bookshop, until they decide to become the modern Bonnie and Clyde. Learning on the job the hard way, Jeff becomes famous through media-coverage, despite his power-trip tendency to bully his victims which becomes worse when Jill is hospitalized. FBI agent Tom LaSalle, has a hard time eliminating suspects and following the trail through. To the media, they’re heroes. To the cops, they’re a ticking time bomb.

All episodes from this series based on fact

In The Line Of Duty : Blaze Of Glory This based on a true story movie is all right,i involves a ban robber and his wife/partner,and the FBI as they try and stop him.problem is,he wears a good disguise and thanks to his wife(the brains behind the outfit)very organized.eventually the bank robberies escalate into shootings,and the move ends on a tragic,sad note.Unlike another In the Line of Duty movie,The FBI Murders,this one is not as brutally also moves a lot slower.the criminals in this one are shown to be more sympathetic.whether that’s accurate to the real story,i don’t know.Bruce Campbell(The Evil Dead Trilogy)and Lori Loughlin(TV’s Full) House star as the husband and wife.both are decent enough.Loughlin was actually pretty good,transcending her all American girl image from Full House.

This is a fascinating alternative take on the real-life story that also inspired the much underrated thriller Normal Life (directed by John McNaughton, who made the notorious Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). Bruce Campbell, of Evil Dead fame, plays a former marine and cop who takes up a life of crime with his wife Lori Loughlin to help pay the bills. Problem is that Loughlin starts to develop a taste for the Bonnie and Clyde lifestyle. Part of the acclaimed In the Line of Duty series, it lacks the psychological depth McNaughton brought to his version, but it remains a gripping ride and the performances from the leads are spot on.

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