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Holiday in Mexico

Holiday in Mexico

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Holiday in Mexico, The U.S. Ambassador’s (Walter Pidgeon) daughter falls for a Mexican pianist (Jose Iturbi) old enough to be her grandfather.

Party Time in Mexico

Holiday in Mexico, There are high notes aplenty in this Jane Powell musical comedy that concerns her trying to plan her own birthday party with Jose Iturbi and Xavier Cugat for entertainment. The film is a little on the long side, but for the most part it keeps your interest with father Walter Pidgeon finding Jane’s mother, Ilona Massey, again. Roddy MacDowall costars and I have always liked him, but somehow he comes across as too sad for this upbeat little film. He was in “How Green was My Valley” with Walter Pidgeon and there his countenance worked to the film’s advantage and fit in with the character of the workers’ hard life in the country. But here Roddy comes across as too British and/or out of place. I would say more, but I would feel like I’m being indelicate, and I’ve pretty much said my point as succinctly and tactfully as I could. The music of the film is first rate and will appeal to those liking the entertainers. Carmen Miranda is always great! Just forget your troubles and enjoy a holiday in Mexico.

Underrated Musical Gen

Featuring a very young Jane Powell and the great orchestra leader Jose Iturbi and band leader Xavier Cugat, this film has so many great musical moments it’s difficult to pick the best. The combination of classical music and Latin tunes plays through the story of a young girl’s struggles with coming of age. Often underrated and seldom on the radar of lovers of musicals, it’s time to bring this one out for family viewing time. The 17-year-old Powell singing “Ave Maria” with a full orchestra is as good as movie music gets. —from Musicals on the Silver Screen, American Library Association, 2013

Heaven Can Wait

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