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Highlander : Endgame

Highlander : Endgame

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Together for the first time in Highlander history, Immortals Connor (Christopher Lambert ) and Duncan (Adrian Paul) MacLeod must join forces as brothers to fight their most malevolent enemy ever – the invincible Kell, who bears the souls of the 600 immortals he has vanquished throughout the eons. To save mankind and rid earth of Kell’s undying evil, Connor and Duncan may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. For in the end, there can be only one. Resonating with the wisdom and power that comes from a 5000 year legacy, this grand final chapter comes full circle, tying together the seeds of all past Highlander adventures. Yet it goes beyond any Highlander before – featuring awe-inspiring special effects, stunning martial arts action sequences and a mind-blowing finale – Connor and Duncan may have met their match but they’ll give the Highlander legend the farewell it deserves!

STARS: Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul, Bruce Payne

87 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 2000 | Color


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Awesome movie, well done.
This was a well done movie, blending the series and the original Highlander very well. The villain was intense, the tie in with the other movies was great. Incorporating the characters from the original highlander movies and the series worked brilliantly.

The love stories of both characters were well done, the blend of music and photography lent a great emotional context to those scenes. The humor displayed by both characters added a wonderful dimension, and after seeing the rough cut on the DVD, and the finished ending of the movie, I am impressed with the producers choice of ending.

As a fan of both the series and the original movie, I was very emotionally moved by this movie.


Quite a bit more than I expected
All in all, I'd say this movie exceeded my expectations. Very well done. If I were to change anything, it would have been to add another 15-20 minutes to the length (JUST over 90 min) for the purpose of going a little more in-depth of some situations.

This didn't detract anything from the movie for me, but I can see how someone new to the Highlander stories might have been at a slight loss. If I were not previously familiar with the Highlander movies and series, I probably would have rated it a 7 or 8...because it IS a good story and it was PACKED with action. The fight scenes were really great and there was one scene in particular which was, in my opinion, VERY well done. I won't spoil it, other than to say it really brought to light the relationship of the 2 characters involved....But since I've followed the movies and the series since the beginning, all was clear by the end. I thought this movie was second only to the original movie that started it all.

They say "There can be only one"....I'm hoping for AT LEAST one more.

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