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Here Come The Girls

Here Come The Girls

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Here Come The Girls  Stanley Snodgrass, perhaps Broadway’s clumsiest (if not oldest and most out-of-tune) chorus boy, finds himself unceremoniously ousted from yet another show. Due to an infamous slasher threatening the show’s leads, Stanley finds himself brought back as the headliner, unaware that he’s being used as bait by police. Even with Detective Logan secretly posing as Stanley’s valet, producer Harry Fraser fears Jack the Slasher may not put in an appearance soon enough to prevent Stanley murdering his show.

Funny Hope

Here Come The Girls  In 1953’s “Here Come the Girls,” Bob Hope is a pathetic chorus boy in a production around the turn of the century. The leads (Arlene Dahl, Tony Martin) want him out of the show, and his only friend is his girlfriend (Rosemary Clooney). Finally, the producer (Fred Clark) fires him, only to bring him back immediately. A serial killer obsessed with Dahl goes after Martin and injures him badly. So poor Bob is put back in the show – this time as the lead – just until the serial killer (Robert Strauss) can go after him and, as far as everyone is concerned, hopefully kill him. Dahl pretends to be enamored of him, and Hope starts ignoring Clooney.

This is very funny Hope, the energetic, cowardly, naive Hope that everyone loved in the ’40s. Unfortunately, although it’s a musical, we don’t get to hear much from Martin and Clooney, neither of which have a tremendous amount to do. That’s a shame.

Hope, of course, couldn’t play that youthful character forever; eventually his films became stale with old jokes and a staid, wisecracking Bob. But here he still shines. The beautiful Arlene Dahl is his costar. She doesn’t have much to do except look dazzling, never a problem for her.

Look out for the young boy named “Bang Crosby” whom Hope meets along the way. Enjoyable film.

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