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Hells Angels 69

Hells Angels 69

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A Solid Biker Movie

Hells Angels 69, This movie begins with two brothers by the name of “Chuck” (Tom Stern) and “Wes” (Jeremy Slate) who mysteriously decide to head out west in order to meet the Oakland branch of the Hell’s Angels. Donning a jacket with their own motorcycle club logo they manage to partially ingratiate themselves with the group and then proceed to coerce them into riding to Las Vegas. What the Hell’s Angels don’t realize is that these two brothers have a secret plan which carries a great amount of risk for all concerned. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that it had a bit more mystery than most “biker films” out there and tended to get better as the movie progressed. Admittedly, the acting wasn’t exactly top-notch but even so it was adequate enough. Likewise, there were a couple of scenes toward the end which seemed a bit too unbelievable but that’s typical of Hollywood I suppose. In any case, I thought that this was a solid biker movie.

Hell’s Angels 69

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