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Gunpoint, A Colorado sheriff pursues a ruthless gang of train robbers into New Mexico, where he has no official jurisdiction. Accompanying him is a motley posse, including a sharp-shooting gambler whose fiancee the gang has kidnapped.

One of last good movies of Audie Murphy!!!

 Gunpoint, This is Audie Murphy’s last universal western ( whether, as according to producer Gordon Kay, he would have made more for the studio till 1968 if he hadn’t starred in westerns for other studios at the time is up in the air), and it’s a fitting end, especially considering that the state of the western genre in 1966 was faraway from the traditional approach that Gunpoint takes. It has typical genre tropes like a train robbery, kidnapping, horse stampede, Apache attack and gunfights, and the story is very much straightforward.

Sheriff Chad Lucas is shot and left for dead by his treacherous Deputy while a gang of outlaws pull off a million dollar train robbery. But Lucas is not dead and he sets out to track down the robbers through hostile Apache territory – and with a deadly enemy in his own posse who is just waiting for the chance to strike again.Personally, I don’t understand the negative reviews of this Murphy oater, as it delivers as a traditional western, and has some exciting action scenes, good characterisation ( Denver Pyle, Warren Stevens and Audie himself). It’s routine but still a good watch, a sad goodbye to how the genre was going and to Audie, who shows that 15 years of acting experience has paid off. He’s really good as the cold, but determined sheriff. I like the song featured in here too – quite hummable.

Last, but not LEAST ……..

Audie Murphy’s western films of the 1950’s were entertaining, action-filled and capitalized on his likable, resolute personality. The budgets for those ’50’s films were higher than his subsequent films in the 1960’s. This average film has that weakness, but is still entertaining when viewed in that context.

This film’s mediocre budget and production values disappoint, while still showcasing those aspects of Audie Murphy’s talent that always appealed to his many fans. I especially liked the casting in this one, with western favorites Royal Dano and the crusty old Edgar Buchanan.

For fans of Murphy, this one is a must see…… for others, watch it in context and you will be surprised. Worth a closer look ……..

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