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Gargantua  Marine biologist Jack Ellway and his son Brandon are drawn to the Polynesian island of Malau to study the effects of recent seismic activity on the area’s marine life. Along with the local doctor Alyson Hart, they soon become caught up in the investigation of a series of recent drownings with unexpected results. As Jack explores the surrounding ocean for a mysterious marine creature, Brandon discovers and befriends a three-foot-long baby creature that is able to leave the ocean and walk on land. As more dangerous and giant creatures come onto the island, and the military begins to take offensive action, Jack must risk everything to save the creatures, the island and his son.

A bit different

Gargantua I know lotsa people out there really didn’t like this film, but I did. Sure, the monsters were dodgy, but the actors were fantastic. There were references to modern technology, and the characters were actual people. The death of Jack Ellway’s wife was a nice touch, it made the bond between father and son more believable. The story line is well-worn and unbelievable, but the baby and the mother are alright looking monsters, I guess. Adam Baldwin’s character, Jack Ellway, is a contrast to the majority of his other roles as thugs, uniformed nonities and bad guys. It’s also different from his characters in ID4, Major Mitchell and in The Patriot, Capt. Wilkins. In this movie he’s just a regular guy, newly widowered, doing the best he can for his son while doing his job. Emile Hirsch has a few scenes in which he isn’t allowed to shine as much as he might, (like where he cuts his finger, that was noticably fake) but he is the central character and a good actor as well. Doug Penty (Paul Bateman) has been in a few TV series, such as Paradise Beach, and, while he says a few things that are overly serious for his character, he plays the laidback surfie reporter very well. (Doesn’t hurt that he’s also gorgeous!!) Other cast members – Julie Carmen (Alyson Hart), Alexander Petersons (Derek), Peter Adams (Dr. Hale), Monroe Reimers (President Moki) and Bobby Hosea (Colonel Wayne) – help make this movie enjoyable as well.

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