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Galactica 1980

Galactica 1980

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Seriously underused series

Galactica 1980, As a lover of good science fiction and the original Battlestar series I have to say I enjoyed this. It started off with a good pilot and explored the factions growing in the fleet regarding Earth. The time travel story was quite well done too. The series had so much room for development. But there was not nearly enough Cylon involvement. The episode The Night The Cylons Landed was pretty good, but sadly we were only to see them one more time before the series untimely demise. This episode, Space Croppers was fantastic. The Cylons damaged and or destroyed Agro ships prompting Adama to establish a farming colony on Earth. If this had been the direction the series had taken from minute one I really believe it would have worked. Doctor Mortinson’s involvement with Troy and Dillon was too quickly forgotten about too. Another idea would have seen Commander Cain return in the Pegasus with his own fleet in tow and boot the Cylons across the Galaxy in a battle that would have really drawn all the non believers back! Kent McCord said clearly that if they had not been given the terrible time slot of Sunday evening the series would have done far better in the ratings. Waiting patiently for a decent DVD release with some behind the scenes footage.A potentially brilliant series gone, but not forgotten….

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