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Elsa Fräulein SS

Elsa Fräulein SS

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Elsa Fräulein SS  To improve the morale of the German officers, a train with beautiful girls is arranged to entertain them when on leave.

One of your more palatable Nazi sexpolitation flicks


Elsa Fräulein SS  The Nazi sexpolitation film was one of the most tasteless genres in film history. This is is one of the most palatable entries because it was obviously inspired by Tinto Brass’ “Salon Kitty” and, like that film, focuses on German girls working as prostitutes in “joy division”-type Nazi brothels as opposed to Jewish girls working as sex slaves or being tortured to death in extermination camps. It’s also a French production rather than an Italian one, so it’s not particularly graphic (at least as far as the violence goes). Unfortunately, since it’s a cheap-jack Eurocine production it’s not particularly good either. It even laughably tries to incorporate actual WWII footage into its ludicrous plot.

This is basically the same movie as Eurocine’s earlier “Hell Train”. It involves a brothel on the rails that is being used to ostensibly to service war-weary officers, but actually to spy on them (a la “Salon Kitty”)in case they say something against the Fuhrer. Naturally, a lot of them do–treason I guess is a good subject for post-coital pillow talk–and they are taken off the train and summarily executed. Malisa Longo plays the evil Nazi madam of the brothel, Elsa. Patizia Gorzi plays the spy who steals Elsa’s man and undermines her operation.

Naturally, this is not in the class of “Salon Kitty” and (for better or worse) really doesn’t begin to compare to the more infamous Nazi death camp movies. It is a minor improvement over “Hell Train” mainly because Longo is far more attractive than Monica Swinn, the villainess in that one, and Patrizia Gorzi gets a lot more naked than Sandra Mazurowsky, her counterpart in “Hell Train” (there’s one especially memorable scene of her being tied up naked and very gently whipped). Fulfilling the porno skank quota, French hardcore star Claudine Beccairie appears in in a cameo role (as she did in “Hell Train”). And if you look closely, you might spot Jess Franco-regular Pamela Stanford and Eurocine-regular Nadine Pascal in the supporting cast. It’s not a good movie by any means, but at least you probably won’t need to take a long, hot shower when its over.

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