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Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee

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Intrigued by the near-death experience of the rugged hunter, Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee, after a close encounter with a monstrous saltwater crocodile, the New York City reporter, Sue Charlton, travels to Australia, to meet the legend in person. There, in the dusty hamlet of Walkabout Creek and the formidable outback, dangerous situations and unforeseen romantic complications await; however, Sue already knows that nothing compares to the urban jungle of the great Big Apple. So, like a fish out of water, Mick leaves Australia for the first time in his life for Manhattan’s concrete maze, where he comes face-to-face with the complexities of modern life. But, will the unpretentious bushman ever adapt to the big city?

STARS: Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon

97 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 1986 | Color


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Paul Hogan!
Hogan was the reason for this films success.He really comes off naturally and is very charming.The direction techniques of this movie was only fair and the story is very very simple BUT another secret of this movie besides Mr. Hogan is the great screenplay.No wasted scenes and the story just moves along taking the audience with it for more.The screenplay works so well that although the movie is one of the most predictable movies ever,the audience still enjoys the ending,and to top it all off,the audience actually wants more!Now this is a way to make simple movies.Charm our hearts and take our emotions and curiosity for an entertaining and educational ride.Extreme gimmicks and million dollar effects are not always required.Back to the basics filmakers!

Something completely different...
I had an idea from the television adds that ran, in 1986, for this but i didn't realize that it would be the "Feel Good Movie" of the summer!! This was fresh and funnier than quite a few things I'd seen in a long time. To beat all, this was a film that not only had a very clean and unoffensive story, but it was formed out of an experience that Paul Hogan had when he was visiting New York City.
This won Golden globe awards for both Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski. it was also awarded a Golden Screen Award. On top of that was nominated for an 'Oscar'. It did also win, for best music scoring, Peter Best. Peter Best, don't tell me this was the Beatle's first drummer? That Best??? I saw this when I was 18 and I remember being amazed at the complexity and yet simplistic view played out by Paul's character. Wow! I thought, this was really like a "Raiders of the Lost Ark ", in a different way. Similar in newness a great story event. Something that made you think and feel, just a little more than others stories. When films were just getting exciting. To me, this was shot intensely well, with talented direction and careful attention to the details, especially the character development. It was new and very exciting to see and feel what all was brought to the screen, in Dolby sound. I realize that some people won't follow what I am saying completely, but as I have learned over the years, not all cinema is equal. I especially love it when He said, "Jesus Christ and all of them apostles were fishermen, if him and me were working here together, we'd be mates."
This has the ability (I believe) to touch the heart, in an awesome underdog kind of way. My heart was in my throat at the subway scene and I was rooting for Dundee!
I recommend this to buy and watch again when you feel like seeing it, and noticing how you can get something different out of it each time you see this.
Smart original comedy, with the beautiful 'Outback" as scenery and even a great chick flick, on a dinner and movie date night. (****)

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