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Code Name : Wolverine

Code Name : Wolverine

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Code Name : Wolverine Harry Gordini is on his way to Italy for a holiday with his family. On his way he accidentally picks up the wrong suitcase which holds in it hundreds of millions worth of new superdrug. Now the drugdealers want the drugs back and kidnap Harry’s wife and son. But unfortunately Harry isn’t just anyone, he’s an ex-Navy SEAL and veteran of the Gulf war, code named “Wolverine”. He successfully rescues his wife and kid from the drugdealers, but unfortunately their problems aren’t yet over. Adolfo Jones, the head of the crime organisation, is still at large, and he’s being helped by couple of dirty DEA-agents. Once again the drugdealer Jones is able to kidnap his son. So everything must come down to a final showdown between the “Wolverine” and Jones…

To be honest, there isn’t a ton of action in Wolverine. What action there is, of course, is more than welcome.

Code Name : Wolverine, Harry Gordini (Sabato Jr.), his wife Monica (Lind), and their nine-year-old son Joey (of course his name is Joey)(Cox) travel from L.A. to Rome for a little family vacation. Unfortunately, in the worst case of “mistaken suitcase” ever, some evil, drug-dealing baddies led by Adolfo Jones (Quinn) end up getting the Gordinis’ suitcase filled with Joey’s extensive collection of diving gear, while the innocent family gets a case filled with $200 million dollars’ worth of a new street drug. Jones really wants the suitcase back and is willing to go to any measures to get it. Meanwhile, Special Agent John Baines (Brooks) and the FBI/police are hot on the trail of the gang. Who will find the Gordini family first – the cops or the baddies?

However, before that question is even considered, it is revealed that Gordini is no mild-mannered college professor. He is a Navy Cross-decorated Navy SEAL with the code name Wolverine. He was dubbed that by his compatriots because he is “the best” and trained to be an ultimate killing machine who stubbornly refuses to give up stalking his prey. When Monica and Joey are kidnapped (and in the case of Joey, more than once!), the tables are turned – who will reach the baddies first, Gordini or Baines? And just when you’re figuring that one out, you realize that there are several more twists and turns to go! Will Adolfo Jones or Agent Baines bring out the worst – or possibly best – in the man known as WOLVERINE?

Fist Of The North Star

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