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Christmas With Holly

Christmas With Holly

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Mark Nagle leaves his better job and home in Seattle when his orphaned niece Holly (six), who stopped communicating since her mother’s death, isn’t allowed to pass to the next grade. He moves back in with his single brothers Alex and Scott, a contractor and a brilliant but jobless biological researcher and tries to impose ‘child friendly’ house rules while technically their guest. New to the island town is Maggie Conway, who bought a toy shop and needs her sister Kate’s support plus interns after firing the experienced manager to try a child-oriented concept. It appeals particularly to Holly, and babysitting her enables a budding romance with handsome Mark, but his local ex may snatch him back.

STARS: Sean Faris, Eloise Mumford, Daniel Eric Gold

88 min | Drama, Family, Romance | 2012 | Color


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Call Me Oldfashioned....Heartwarming!
I have read other reviews posted, saying it was sappy with uninteresting characters and I say, NOT! If you are the type of person who attends film festivals and thrives on subtitles, maybe so. If you just need a plain old fashioned heart warming tale, this is it! Needless to say, I purchased it for my collection. I am a hopeless romantic and I love Christmas, so this was a given. I think it is a wonderful story of love lost and love found, of family trials and the enduring spirit of a families ties. I say give it a chance and you will not leave without shedding a tear or bursting out in joyous laughter. I have five brothers, so the brother scenes are a hoot! Break out the popcorn and tissues!

Good Holiday Fun
For me, the Hallmark Christmas movies are either hit or miss. Most are so cringeworthy, I stop watching after 5 minutes. Not this one. I really enjoyed watching "Christmas With Holly". The actors are all good, and the plot was interesting. The atmosphere on the island-town is Christmassy, and there's even a Christmas miracle--or two. I'm glad I watched it, and would recommend it to others.

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