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Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

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Catch Me If You Can  The local high school is threatened to be closed, unless they collect $200,000. The students’ president Melissa struggles to collect the money, but lacks the support from her fellow students. So she accepts when car fetishist Dylan suggests to bet on him in car races against underworld king Phatman. At first everything goes well – too well …A Rebel. A Legend. A Romance. The Ultimate Race!

Good Car Fun

Catch Me if You Can story doesn’t make a lot of sense, the class president of a high school gets the local race king to race to save the school that’s going to close down. But they loose all the money and get into a timed race across town like a local legend “Fast Freddie” did back in the day. Yeah. But the movie has a fun, goofy tone and is sort of a send up of 50’s Hot Rod pictures, like “The Wild Ride,” none of the young actors are particularly good, and everything about them screams the 80’s but Geoffrey Lewis is always fun to watch, not to mention M. Emmet Walsh. It’s directed by Stephen Summers of “The Mummy” and “Van Helsing” fame, which is interesting since pretty much all of his films hark back to a different old genre, “The Mummy” was classic movie serials and horror, “Van Helsing” was Hammer films, and Catch Me if You Can did Hot Rod flicks. But The Cars are the stars, the main guy drives a sweet ’68 Chevelle takes the main role for much of the racing scenes, as it faces a beautiful orange and white ’69 Camaro, a ’68 Shelby Mustang, ’71 Dart Sport, a Grand Prix SJ, and a pretty goofy ’79 Camaro with a big spider graphic on the hood, and after the dastardly M. Emmet Walsh destroys the motor in his Chevelle, Geoffrey Lewis turns out to be “Fast Freddie” and he lets him borrow his amazing ’57 Chevy that was buried under the football field to run the race. Can you guess what happens? Not going to win any awards, but it’s a good example of some automotive thrills.

Heart Like a Wheel


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