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Carry on Nurse

Carry on Nurse

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Carry on Nurse  Set in Haven Hospital where a certain men’s ward is causing more havoc than the whole hospital put together. The formidable Matron’s debut gives the patients a chill every time she walks past, with only Reckitt standing up to her. There’s a colonel who is a constant nuisance, a bumbling nurse, a romance between Ted York and Nurse Denton, and Bell who wants his bunion removed straight away, so after drinking alcohol, the men decide to remove the bunion themselves!

A good dose of comedy…

Carry on Nurse is one of the finer examples in the series. Only the second film to be made this still captures the naive charm of late 50s humour while exploring the more risque ground of the double-entendre.

The usual gang of misfits are present: Kenneth Connor, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques (playing Matron!) and Joan Sims in her first “Carry On…” appearance.

The hospital setting works especially well in this film and indeed later entries in the series which sees the gang placed within some institution or other are usually worth a look to see how our heroes react and rebel against authority.

“Nurse”, actually voted Best British Film of 1958, is a delight to watch and it’s hard to equate this with something as bawdy as “Camping” or “Girls”.

And the ending is a scream too with a most inventive use for a daffodil in medical history! Carry on Nurse

The first of the Carry On medical capers


Carry on Nurse, The first of the medical outings, Carry On Nurse is one of the earlier Carry On films and one of the best to start with. Most of the action revolves around the staff and patients on the men’s surgical ward at Haven Hospital.

The patients and staff are played by actors who were to become stalwarts of the Carry On series and settle into their stereotypes quite well. Kenneth Connor is a boxer with a broken wrist. Kenneth Williams is his usual snooty intellectual, and is paired off with a glamour girl!, while Charles Hawtrey spends most of the time in bed listening to his wireless.

Matron Hattie Jacques’ strict supervision of nurses Shirley Eaton and a young Joan Sims prompts the patients to give her a taste of her own medicine, in this case an hilarious attempt at removing Leslie Phillips bunion! There is also an hilarious gag involving Wilfrid Hyde White and *that* daffodil!

A must see!

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