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Boot Hill

Boot Hill

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Boot Hill, Honey Fisher has become a powerful man in this small Western town that has grown up around gold-prospecting fields. Fisher and his gang have managed, through swindling, murder, and terror, to gain leases on the important gold-yielding land in the area. A state commissioner comes to town to review the leases, which are crucial to Fisher’s power. Cat Stevens and Hutch Bessy join forces with circus performers and townsfolk led by Stevens’ friend Finch to fight against Fisher and his henchmen.


An entertaining conclusion in the Colizzi-Hill-Spencer trilogy of westerns!


Boot Hill, This is an entertaining conclusion to the trilogy of westerns made by directer GIUSEPPE COLIZZI and stars TERENCE HILL and BUD SPENCER.

The first collaboration GOD FORGIVES… I DON’T benefited from the presence of FRANK WOLFF, the ruthless master criminal BILL SAN’ANTONIO; ACE HIGH allowed ELI WALLACH to steal the show whenever he was on-screen, giving us a variation on his TUCO role (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY), so that we could overlook the meandering approach to the memorable finale, set deliriously to a waltz, and the third film BOOT HILL provides a white collar villain in VICTOR BUONO.

His angle on life and death in the west is complementary to what SERGIO LEONE proposed in ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. Big business and its money was the only means of beating the gun. And so the heroes’ approach to defeating the wonderfully obese BUONO is different from the slugfests and shootouts from earlier westerns.

This is why I would disagree with Tom Weisser in his otherwise excellent tome on spaghetti westerns – “the genre’s most (unintentionally) nonthreatening villain, Victor Buono”. The most successful villains get others to do their dirty work, yet believe their own hands are therefore clean!

On the Spaghetti Western Scales of Justice, another 7.5/10: good cast, music, plot and characterization with some novel elements such as the traveling circus troupe, and the stubborn old judge.

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