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Beau Brummell

Beau Brummell

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Beau Brummell  In nineteenth century England, Captain George Brummell (Stewart Granger) is an upper-class dandy. He has to leave the Army after having insulted the Prince of Wales (Sir Peter Ustinov). This gives him the opportunity to start a smear campaign against the Prince. The Prince, who is tired of all of the yes-men around him, hires him as his chief advisor.

What a Fan-tas-tic Movie !

Beau Brummell  This is one of my fav movies. The last scene where he turns down the money from his publisher, which is akin to accepting a death sentence with his dwindling health, sums up the movie and the character of Brummell. He would accept a quick death, than compromise his principles. No matter that the man he was trying to shield, the plump prince, had so unceremoniously and unfairly shunned him. And after all he did for him.

Such is life. There is a prayer which goes, “Keep me safe from the evil of one, who I have favored”. Because, it hurts a whole lot more when you get back-stabbed from them.

Most people on this board have no kind word for Brummell. Maybe, because they have been on the receiving end from somebody like that. A man with flair, elan, a quick wit and bold to boot. Such men do ruffle the feathers of the rest of us, make us look bad in comparison. But to not recognize their qualities is unfair. Some may also not appreciate the theme of a ‘commoner’ trying to mix with royalty. That’s just a sad shame.

Brummell could have easily remained in the good graces of the prince, got his earlship, minted money and remain an insider, as long as plumpy was on the throne. But he threw it all away for pride ‘n principle and even at death’s door, he receives plumpy in a dignified manner and is overly kind and courteous to him.

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