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And The Beat Goes On : The Sonny And Cher Story

And The Beat Goes On : The Sonny And Cher Story

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And The Beat Goes On : The Sonny And Cher Story

Based on the autobiography of Sonny Bono, this film focuses on the volatile relationship between Sonny (Jay Underwood) and Cher (Renee Faia) during the early 60’s to their divorce in the late 70’s. They didn’t change pop culture. They defined it.

Renee WAS Cher

And The Beat Goes On : The Sonny And Cher Story  I regret that I did not manage to see this excellent film untill 2002 although I see it was made in 1999. The actress that played Cher must have spent a great deal of time and trouble to ‘nail’ the part as well as she did. From the first scene in the club, until the last, on the ‘David Letterman show’ I was spellbound. in fact I argued with a friend of mine, who insisted that IT WAS NOT Cher in those scenes with Letterman, I was totally convinced that it was! I just wish it were possible to find a photo so that I could see what Renee looks like in real life, or indeed a biog of her. To close, WELL DONE GIRL!!!!

Not Bad

And The Beat Goes On
I thought it would be really cheesier than it was. I like the fact that Renee who played Cher did an excellent job and Jay who played Sonny did an interesting job, though I had never thought of who would ever play him. Sonny seemed like an interesting man himself so to rekindle that seemed hard. I thought that the screen version of The Beat Goes On was pretty good. The lip singing was horrible, but unless you actually were the one who sang it, it would be hard to recreate. I especially like the end of the movie – I thought that was pretty classic. It was nice to show some footage of the real Sonny. I thought that it could use some footage of Cher too, but I guess since it was Sonny’s book than it’s ok. Last but not least for those who missed it, it was something worth watching for the two hours.

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