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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

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A New Beginning, The second night of the miniseries “Christy: A New Beginning” begins three months later as the storm of the century hits the mountain cove, ripping away all evidence of civility, leaving physical devastation in its wake. As wind and floods wash away cabins, the mountain folk seek refuge from the hostile mountain environment in the mission house, the highest structure in the cove. In the height of the storm, MacNeill and Christy are stranded in a hunter’s cabin where before it’s too late, despite their differences, (Christy was born into wealth, MacNeill into poverty) the doctor proposes. Before she can sort through her feelings, Christy bolts out into the torrential rain, running and falling down a steep ravine. MacNeill rescues her and tends to her back at the cabin where she starts burning up with a fever. As dawn breaks so does Christy’s fever, and MacNeill carries her back to the mission house. Christy’s struggles to survive the spiritual, emotional and physical tests of the typhoid epidemic and storm have brought her to a place of maturity. She has earned the wisdom of a woman who believes what she experiences as distinct from a girl who listens to what she is taught to believe. Christy walks without help from either man, and in that moment, she makes her choice. Puffy clouds fill the air and colorful ribbons stream from maypoles on the day of Christy’s wedding. A beautiful bride, Christy is radiant as she walks down the path in her wedding gown with her groom awaiting in the archway.

I loved it!!!!!!!!

A New Beginning, I totally loved it!!!! Only four were there that I know of from the original cast, but it was still worth it. And this movie finally answers the question for many Christy fans, “Who will she marry?” Now the cast is different, but if you avoid the comparison between the two, it is an incredible movie. I also thought that Stewart Finlay-McLennan did a excellent job as Dr. Neil MacNeill. He played the role wonderfully in the original, and wonderfully here too. I totally recommend it, especially for any Christy fans out there.

A Change Of Seasons


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