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Timeless Classic DVD

A Guy Named Joe DVD, War Film, Spencer Tracy

A Guy Named Joe DVD, War Film, Spencer Tracy

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Maj. Pete Sandidge is a very able pilot who seems to have a streak of luck as far as flying goes. World War II is raging and Pete has come out of it pretty so far. He even has a beautiful girlfriend Dorinda Durston, herself a qualified pilot who ferries aircraft to different bases. When Pete is killed, he finds himself in heaven and learns that every pilot has a guardian angel. He returns to Earth where, unseen by anyone, he coaches a pilot-in-training Ted Randall. Ted is a pretty good kid and is coming along nicely but when he's shipped to New Guinea he runs into Dorinda who has remained faithful to her lost love. As Ted pursues her, Pete will have to decide what he wants to do about it.

STARS: Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, Van Johnson

120 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romeance | 1943 | Color


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Nice Story With Appealing Cast
This is one of those old-fashioned, nice stories with generally nice people, some good lessons to be learned and some touching scenes. You just have to go with the fantasy-type theologies, in this story dead people coming back as angels-you-can see.
Irene Dunne never looked better, although the soft-focus lens helped her looks. She isn't beautiful but she's wholesomely pretty, and thus appealing. Spencer Tracy gives his normal strong performance but I liked supporting actor Ward Bond in here better. Tracy gives an excellent short speech at the end of this film.
The special-effects in the aviator-war scenes were not good but, hey, this film was made about 65 years ago. You could tell the planes were model airplanes on several shots.
Note: this film was re-made by Steven Spielberg 40 years later under the title "Always." That was a nice film, too, but I think I'd still take this version.

Irene Dunne
Irene Dunne is what makes any movie she is in, superb! No female actor today, or for that matter in the 30s and 40s can compare to her wholesomeness, versatility, and talent! This movie was a lesson in many aspects of life. It was made during a time that these things were much needed but we can certainly apply the same selflessness to our daily lives today. It is funny and dramatic, fast moving and keeps your interest. Spencer Tracy is good, so was Van Johnson in that part! Ward Bond is always so good at anything he dose, he is such a great SUPPORTING actor he supports and complements, he always seems to be the character he is playing.

Yet, again I must say Irene Dunne is a Jewel, she does every character in such a believable manner you feel they could be your next door neighbor. Thank You Irene !

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