Is It Time To Think About Downloading a Digital File Rather Than Buy A DVD

Is It Time To Think About Downloading a Digital File Rather Than Buy A DVD

DVD is very old technology. It has now been around for over 30 years. In today's technology, this is really the equivalent of the Jurrasic age.

I do not need to point out that video streaming killed the video libraries and along with that the demand for DVD replication rapidly diminished. DVD duplication plants around the world just went out of business and in reality there are not a great many left. Only blockbuster movies and series now get a DVD release. None get a second run so once the initial run sells out they are never going to be available again on DVD

Back catalogue movies like the classic Hollywood musicals etc are now only released on DVD-R as this is the only practical and economic way that they can be sold. All of the distribution is out of America so the postage cost plus the cost of the DVD makes it a very expensive purchase.

DVDs will continue to be around for awhile longer but it is starting to become a year by year proposition. I can see in the not to distant future even DVD-R discs will cease production. Optical drives on Computers have ceased to be a standard feature and companies like Pioneer which once manufactured them have ceased production. Without optical drives a DVD cannot be burnt so this may cause the demise of DVD rather than the DVDs themselves.

Streaming is not the answer for collectors and serious film buffs. We like to be able to get a film out and watch it whenever we like. Most of us have different tastes when it comes to film genres and streaming companies like Netflix cater for the mass market not for the niche watcher of "Indie" films or the classics from Cinema's golden era of the 30's to the 60s.


DOWNLOADING but what is Downloading?

Downloading is the transfer of the digital file in a compressed format, usually MP4 from a central video server to your computers hard drive. In reality it is a very simple process. Timeless Classics use a company that with it's exclusive software transfers the file to you via email. Once you open the email there is a download button which you click on and the download begins onto your computers hard drive. You do not have to do anything more except retrieve the file from your download folder and begin watching.....Yes really it is that simple.

By denying yourself the opportunity to learn how to do this, you really do make life more difficult than it needs to be.

I have heard many objections as to why it is to hard to try but I find that the main objection is the fear of the computer and learning a new process.

I make this simple analogy. If you are reading this blog then you at least know how to turn a computer on. I dare say you can write and send an email. If you can do either of these tasks on a computer then ordering and downloading a DVD (Video file) is simpler than writing an email. I urge you to give it a go but more about that later.

Besides being able to watch the DVD of your choice within 24 hours of you ordering it, this means no more waiting the "postie" to arrive, no more anxiously waiting for it to arrive in one piece with no damage, no more region encoding problems plus you save the cost of postage (if you are outside of Australia) and the cost of the download is cheaper than buying a DVD. The savings are considerable as the cost of postage is increasing so if you can cut out the postage cost you are miles in front already.

The savings cost is only one advantage of purchasing a Download. The other benefits are huge but you most probably do not realize what they are until you fully embrace the concept of having your films in a digital format rather than a physical one.

First there is no storage problem like shelving or a special purpose cupboard. Some peoples collections are very large and storage is a big concern

Second, you do not have to worry about handling. No mater how careful you are a DVD will get scratched. They are just not that robust. Sweaty oily fingers leave prints on the surface and can really effect the playability of the DVD, worse still they can lead to edge rot and if dropped accidentally and it lands on the edge your DVD could be ruined. Oh and did I mention that when you store files in a computer they automatically catalogue them alphabetically. No more searching.

When you wish to play a DVD, you have to get it out of it's case, loaded into the DVD player and when it is finished the whole process needs to be reversed.

If it is stored on your computer hard drive, you can watch it on the computer or if you wish to view it on your smart T.V then a HDMI cable from the computer to the T.V is all that is required.

Once you get into the hang of it building your collection will outgrow your computers hard drives storage so you would simply purchase an external 1, 2 or 4 Terrabyte external hard drive (it depends on how many films you wish to collect or buy). 1 Terrabyte would store roughly about 800 films in 720P High Definition.

Do not get put off by technical jargon. You really do not need to know any of this. It will all just happen for you without a great deal of input from yourself. Technology and delivery systems have come along way in recent years and any novice with a little bit of effort can get into Downloading.

I can guarantee that once you have downloaded your first DVD you will not go back to buying the physical product. Their are so many advantages and no disadvantage.


If you have read this far and you are interested, this is the offer I am making. It is so good how could you refuse?

E Mail me with the title of your choice and I will send it to you free of charge. I will also guide you through the process if you get stuck.

I urge you to give it a go, as I am convinced once you do your first DOWNLOAD you will come back for more.


In no time you will be an expert. This really is not "Rocket Science"


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