Is It Time To Think Download?

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Why am I asking this Question?

Smart T.Vs have changed our T.V viewing experience. They have become so complex in what they offer it can scare a lot of us off taking advantage of some great features the offer.

For those of us who collect or want to view obscure, cult or long lost films we generally purchase a DVD but DVDs have several drawbacks.

DVDs are physical media. This means they are prone to damage. They require some kind of storage and if you begin to acquire more and more titles the storage begins to become a concern. Added to this, every time you wish to play a title it has to be fetched from your storage, loaded into your DVD player then reverse the process to store it away after you watch it.

When you order a DVD there is the problem of waiting for the actual delivery and the cost of postage. There is no such thing as free postage. It has to be factored into the purchase price of any DVD you purchase, so you pay in the end. Add to this, the inefficiency of postal systems worldwide (yes they are not what the use to be, especially with small items like a DVD) and you can literally wait for weeks before it is delivered.

Downloading the Digital File ( which is what a DVD is) makes a lot of sense when you look at the above problems of the purchasing a DVD.

Because it is downloaded via the internet the postal problem is eliminated (the postage cost becomes a huge saving) and because it is virtual and not physical then the damage and storage is no longer a problem.

Getting back to Smart T.Vs and great features they have but we do not use. All smart T.Vs have a USB (HDD) port. Into this port, you can plug in an external hard drive, or alternatively adding the external drive via an HDMI cable. This is not mind-blowing technical stuff. If you can plug in a DVD player then plugging in an external hard drive is just as easy.

The beauty of an external hard drive is that as you add titles they are automatically indexed in alphabetical order so cataloging is not a problem. If you have a lot of films/titles on the hard drive then finding a title is easy via the search box.

A 1 TB hard drive will hold around 1000 films (give or take) so this is a substantial library by any stretch of the imagination.

Humans are notorious for resisting change but when we look back it was a gigantic leap for many to go from just watching T.V to add a VHS player/recorder. Being user friendly they did not take long to master and the benefits to our viewing enjoyment made sure there would be no going back. When DVD came along initially there was some resistance, mainly with the recording side as this could be advanced for some people but the step to adding a DVD player was the same as connecting a VHS player. Mainly the more elderly viewer is loath to go outside of their comfort zone and will stay with DVDs. Also, there are those who prefer to own the physical product and have all the bells and whistles that some DVD editions have.

To go down the download road is not that much bigger leap than adding a DVD player. It just needs a few sessions of playing around before you master the new way to watch recorded media. The convenience cannot be overstated and once you get use to it you will not go back plus when you wish to purchase a new title the savings really add up.

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