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Without Warning

Without Warning

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Without Warning  Sandy and Greg are two teenage kids going camping with their friends in California. Their plan is to go to the lake in town, and despite warnings from the creepy town gas station owner, Joe Taylor, the kids go camping there and end up separated from each other. Greg and Sandy team up with Taylor to save the town, but unfortunately for them, Taylor is rather eccentric and fixated on hunting down the hostile alien threatening them, and a former Vietnam war veteran, Fred Dobbs, is convinced that Sandy and Greg are the aliens. Earth Is The Hunting Ground. Man Is The Endangered Species.

Drive In Classic

Without Warning  Saw this one at the drive-in back in ’80 and knew as I was watching it that I was watching a drive-in classic. I seem to recall (in my mind anyway)as 1980 being the last great drive-in horror movie year. I had already seen Humanoids From The Deep that summer and Phantasm there the previous year. I recall that the film had a nice updated 1950’s sci-fi feel to it (like Humanoids, a little atmosphere, some laughs (frisbees etc.), hammy performances (Landau Palance) and Larry Storch. The ancient grainy Kingston Trio ‘Things Go Better With CocaCola’ ad at intermission seemed to fit in with it well. I can’t recall what was on the bill with It Came Without Warning; but I recall leaving pretty satisfied. I’ve looked through many video stores to rent or buy it but can’t locate it. Nice to see some other folks fondly remember this one and would like to see it on DVD,too.

yes ,truly a drive-in classic

I ,too saw this at a So-Cal drive-in, twenty odd years back.We got there after the film started and one of my buddies remarked “Hey ,isn’t that Larry Storch hanging on that hook in the shed?”….It truly was “Magic Time”…AIP provided some kooky, grisly ,over acted gems back then. Where fine , but seemingly “washed -up” actors Palance, Landau, Brand ,Mitchell could still be on the “Big Screen” and show their chops.I remember mostly dark foggy woods and scared kids , and Hey ,don’t go in the house! This “AIP Movie Era” was sadly coming to a close and “Without Warning” is a great example of this late lamented(?)style of cinema.I can still hear Jack Palance screaming “ALIEN!!!!!”…………….sigh..

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