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Winners Take All

Winners Take All

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Winners Take All  The scene is a modern, 1980s arena, where present day gladiators compete in the wild sports extravaganza of Supercross. Winners take all mixes the rivalry and camaraderie of two young men with the thrill of spectacular riding and high stakes competition. Going beyond the drama and excitement of the racing scene. a cast of hot, talented newcomers of young love. No one can feel left out of the thrill of victory on the track and off.

Pretty entertaining action and quite watchable…

I saw this film on video when it first came out and ended up watching it several times. I’ve been tring to get hold of a copy ever since to no avail. It’s basically a motocross drama and centers around a team of riders trying to perfect their off-road skills to win a particular event. Interestingly enough it’s a female rider teaching the guys which at the time seemed like a nice touch.

It’s a litttle predictable in parts but there are some nicely shot motocross action and stunts. It actually got me into motocross at the time and I’m still doing it now.

A film that will always be a part of my life.

Winners Take All  I first saw Winners Take All when I was young… going back to the old Beta VHS tapes (yes, that long). Not only was I blown away by the extreme motocross racing, I was also blown away by just how far two friends will go just to prove who is still better and if the best can finally be defeated. Although this film is very underrated and very difficult to find, to me, it was and still is worthwhile watching. If you can find it, please do not throw it away, it’s definitely a keeper. I give this film a nine out of ten because of the extreme motocross, two friends proving themselves, and bitter rivalry within a small, corrupt team.

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