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Under The Lighthouse Dancing

Under The Lighthouse Dancing

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Under The Lighthouse Dancing  The story of 6 friends who journey to an island off the coast of Australia for the weekend. Two of them (Emma and Harry) announce that they intend to get married, but have made no plans, nor do they have a proper license. Emma also announces that she is very ill, and all she wants is a wedding. The other four friends then try to find a way to make it all happen…

User Reviews


Under The Lighthouse Dancing  I found this to be a most enjoyable and inspiring movie. It makes you almost feel the wind in your hair and you find yourself longing to go to this island. We should all be so lucky to have friends who are willing to go that extra mile to make things happen. I was a bit surprised that a few others had commented on this movie saying it was boring, about nothing and a dud. I felt sorry that they missed the whole point of the film. It’s a testament and celebration of true love and enduring friendships. I highly recommend it and can watch it again and again.

Chick Flick

This is a beautiful movie. Very poignant and touching. Some of the shots are the kind that will always stick in your head as you think back on movies you have seen. Wonderful framed!

The acting was superb. Never do you think that you are watching actors on a screen. You get so wrapped up in the story that the characters come to life and you feel as if you are sharing in their joy and sorrow.

However, be forewarned that it is something of a chick flick. Take a box of tissue and a bowl of ice cream and get a hug after watching it. If you don’t like dramas that make you cry, don’t see this film. Not that men won’t like the film as well. But a person who loves action flicks and nothing else will be bored to tears watching this film.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

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