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Twilight Of The Cockroaches

Twilight Of The Cockroaches

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Twilight Of The Cockroaches  A messy bachelor’s apartment is a paradise for the huge colony of cockroaches living there: no sprays, no traps, and plenty of food. When the homeowner’s girlfriend moves in, however, the party comes to an abrupt end, and the roaches must quickly adapt to a life of struggling for survival. Combines animation with live actors.

Great movie

Twilight Of The Cockroaches  This is a movie (half live action, half cartoon) about the true lives of cockroaches. The basic plot is about a group of cockroaches who have always known peace. One of the female cockroaches meets a cockroach from across the field. These cockroaches have always known war. This movie is very quiet and very loud. Good cinematography, good dynamics. I think that roaches are probably closer to this than we could ever imagine. The fact is, they are living things just like us….so anything is permittable where the level of information is small

Great movie for a quiet afternoon

Quite a good cartoon movie for a quiet reflective Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know how many people realize that there are quite a few WW2 references, from the Japanese perspective. WW2 was clearly still a relatively recent and very traumatic experience for the writers and/or their immediate family. Some of the people who worked on this movie were probably survivors of fire bombings and perhaps even nuclear bombings, and it shows. Not to mention battle-hardened “Kurt” as the ally and aggressive military commander for the cockroaches.

Interesting twist to have the cockroaches as the ones with essentially “human” experiences and emotions, and the actual humans as non-verbal giant powerful titans, almost forces of nature, from the cockroaches’ perspective.

If you can get over the fact that this is a movie about cockroaches, it’s quite good.

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