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Trouble Shooters : Trapped Beneath The Earth

Trouble Shooters : Trapped Beneath The Earth

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Trouble Shooters : Trapped Beneath The Earth  A rescue team is looking for survivors in a sinking building after a devastating earthquake.

This action-drama has a massive earthquake, a family rift and reunion, a death-defying rescue attempt and a flood — all of which combine to make “Trouble” an entertaining adventure, a ’90s telepic version of the ’70s disaster movies.
When an eight-story apartment building in Utah is swallowed whole, a quake rescue team led by Stan Mather (Kris Kristofferson) and his son Frank (Leigh J. McCloskey) is called out to head the search-and-rescue operation.Other son Cody (David Newsom) has been rifting with his family for years and no lonCody is torn between what to do, since he has vowed to his mother — now divorced from Stan — never to return to the dangerous underground rescue attempts, but Cody’s ex-girlfriend — who is now brother Frank’s girlfriend — pleads with him. The vidpic features good thesping and a terrific technical support crew. Sets and locations, under production designer James Allen, have the authentic feel of the site of a massive earthquake.The underground scenes — shot at tight and awkward angles — lend great realism, with the feeling of claustrophobia achieved wonderfully by d.p. Eric Van Haren Norman.

User Reviews

 Troubleshooters Trapped in Clichés

Trouble Shooters : Trapped Beneath The Earth  Who loves Kristofferson films …..I do. There is no other reason to watch this film.The premise isn’t bad though …. professional rescuers have to tunnel down into a building that has sunken into the earth, after an earthquake, to find survivors. The rest is pure TV pap ( this must have been a busted TV pilot) with every cliché thrown in …. head of the team is separated with an estranged son, son’s ex girl is with his brother now… the usual family squabbles against a dramatic backdrop. Although here the family squabbles are underwritten ( just alluded to) while the dramatic backdrop is killed by a small budget and no tension. Some similarities with the “Hellfighters” where John Wayne plays a firefighter ( which had enough clichés itself) does not help the feeling of deja vu. Mind you although Kris’ part is small he steps into the John Wayne shoes fine.


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