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Torn Curtain

Torn Curtain

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Torn Curtain  Professor Michael Armstrong (Paul Newman) is heading to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend a physics conference accompanied by his assistant and fiancée Sarah Sherman (Dame Julie Andrews). Once arrived however, Michael informs her that he may be staying for awhile and she should return home. She follows him and realizes he’s actually heading to East Germany, behind the Iron Curtain. She follows him there and is shocked when he announces that he’s defecting to the East after the U.S. government cancelled his research project. In fact, Michael is there to obtain information from a renowned East German scientist. Once the information is obtained, he and Sarah now have to make their way back to the West.

Intriguing and suspenseful story set behind the Iron Curtain

Torn Curtain  During Cold War a professor named Michael Armstrong(Paul Newman stars as a stoic and subdued scientific)and his fiancée/secretary named Sarah(an enticing Julie Andrews) find in a Sweden science congress. But the espionage embroils the couple in escape and murder.The scientific poses as a defector at Berlin in order to discover details of the soviet missile program by professor Lindt, located in Leipzig. Once again the protagonists get an information that comes across something what place them in jeopardy and winds up being chased all over the country. Then happens a violent grisly killing, filmed on an exciting and nail-bitingly images , proving how difficult it actually is to murder someone. The duo is being pursued by the communists and they go a bus guided by a resistance fighter(David Opatoshu). Newman apparently defecting to East Germany but the secret police are soon on his tracks, the couple go on the run and encounter a refugee Polish countess(an extravagant Lila Kedrova) who helps them. They attempt to escape the freedom , hiding into a costume baggage of a Czech ballet company but they’re denounced by a ballerina(Tamara Toumanova).

Tense/suspense/mystery abounds in this thriller from Hithcock who combines the elements of spy-genre with romance, drama and pursuits. Newman as a scientist pretending to be a defector, in one of his best performances , Julie Andrews as his fiancée whose tidy life is disrupted when she uncovers what Newman is a traitor. The first part is based on Julie Andrews’s point of sight and after under point of Paul Newman. By time the film and acting received negative reviews , today is better considered. Colorful cinematography by John Warren, habitual cameraman from the ‘Hour of Alfred Hitchock’ and suspenseful musical score by John Addison. However I miss the Hitch’s customary, the musician Bernard Herrmann and photographer Robert Burks. As usual ,Hitch’s ordinary cameo, this time as a man in hotel lobby with baby. This good thriller by the master himself, who preys on the senses and keeps the suspense at feverish pitch.Hitchcock tells that inspiration about this movie resulted to be the disappearance of two English diplomats , Burguess and McLean, who left their country and defected to Russia. The movie is directed among ¨Marnie(64)¨and ¨Topaz(69)¨his worst movie, later Hitch directed ¨Frenzi¨ and ¨Family Plot¨ his last film. Rating : Better than average, worthwhile seeing thanks some Hitch’s touches.

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