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To Grandmother's House We Go

To Grandmother's House We Go

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To Grandmother’s House We Go  Delivery firm truck driver Eddie Popko, a dreamy wannabee-cowboy, always flirts with convenience store clerk Rhonda Thompson, but his enthusiasm seems curbed when he meets her meanly hostile twin daughters Julie and Sarah, aged five. When the bratty pair hear mother wine all she wants for Christmas is a holiday without the handfuls, they decide to oblige by sneaking off to great grandma Mimi. Unable to find her or the right bus, they end up sneaking into Eddie’s truck. He takes to babysitting during his round remarkably well, but when he delivers them home, he’s knocked unconscious by senior robbers couple, dumb Harvey and mean Shirley, who stole the content of his firm’s trucks, in this case Christmas parcels. Discovering the lottery tickets he bought and gave the brats to keep give access to a 1.3 million TV lottery finale, he decides to lead the search with Rhonda, police detective Gremp being incompetent, and even raises a ‘borrowed’ ransom.

this is a great tear jerker and a good film for the kids to enjoy

To Grandmother’s House We Go  this film was really good and it was all about listening and doing as your told and helping your brothers or sisters it was a brotherly sisterly love kinda film i nearly cried it was so adorable to see them at that age now look at them they look the same and they have grown up xxx if you don’t like this film you must be mad because it is good and a tear jerker. please give this film a thumbs up it is really good and a little soppy but upsetting when the girls get kidnapped i mean they are only 5 years old. please give it a thumbs up it’ll be good for the little children more than adults.

this was amazing because the love that was shown shows us how to care for our family and friends and teaches us a lesson in a way.

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