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Tilly Trotter

Tilly Trotter

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Tilly Trotter is a down to earth young woman who is full of integrity and impassioned with innocent affection for the local farmer. Resilience and self belief carry her through some very dark days, and this splendid adaptation shows us her journey from destitution to eventual happiness. True love grows with time and in the most unexpected of places. Tilly had her own mind, nobody can take that away from her. I totally recommend this film – the DVD is 3 hours long – every minute worth watching. A must for Catherine Cookson fans, and for realists and romantics.

This is a must-see for lovers of romance, especially Catherine Cookson fans!


Tilly Trotter I am a big fan of Catherine Cookson’s work, and have seen all movies based on her books. I read the Tilly Trotter trilogy about a year ago, and ordered this movie the minute I learned of it. I was not disappointed! The movie, Tilly Trotter, is one of the finest interpretations of a Catherine Cookson novel, definitely as good or better than The Girl. It’s a great story, which deals with class divisions, overcoming adversity and the power of love.

As with the first book in the Tilly Trotter series, I was left wishing the story would continue. I hope there are plans to make movies based on the second and third books in the series, with the same cast, of course! I’ll be waiting and hoping!

A tip for US viewers: To defray the cost of purchasing this and other Cookson movies, consider donating them to your public library for a tax deduction. They’ll be there whenever you get the urge to see them again. Meanwhile, others are sure to enjoy these movies.

Tilly trotter is a pretty young women put through lots of difficulty and trouble. But eventually over time things work out the story is about love , lust , deceit and cruelty

A fantastic story one of Catherine Cookson’s best novels . A brilliant production very moving and heart warming . I loved it very much. I would recommend it to all . Great cast , great film , great story. Definitely 10/10. However I wish it was a little longer. The ending was a bit too brief but overall a delightful film. Please read and watch. It is a lot like The rag nymph another one of her fantastic novels. It too is also a film. I would recommend that also to read and watch. Tilly Trotter is slightly better in my opinion though. Depends on your personal taste but the are both very enjoyable and tragic! Thanks for reading hope you enjoy it

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