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Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay

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Tiger Bay  Gille Jenkins (Hayley Mills), a twelve-year-old tomboy and compulsive liar living in a sordid tenement with her single parent mother, witnesses the murder of an immigrant Polish woman living in an nearby apartment by her former boyfriend, Bronislaus Korchinsky. The young merchant marine becomes distraught when he discovers that she has become the mistress of a married British sports announcer and shoots her with her own gun. Gillie lies about the circumstances in order to keep the gun which she discovers where Korchinsky hid it. She ultimately bonds with him and misleads the police in their investigation.

User Reviews

One worth watching

Tiger Bay  This is a hidden gem… quickly, the film transports you to a different world, one of varying shades of gray, skies, people, emotions, degrees of truth…. the cinematography is surprising and fresh for a movie that is more than 40 years old, the camera angles that tell more in a one-second frame than a lot of movies nowadays take minutes to set up and then fail to do… there are no special effects, but there are plenty of moods and thoughts carried on faces in close-up and in backgrounds that move the story along.. hayley is great, the scene where she re-enacts the murder alone is worth watching the movie for.. and buchholz also is fun to see and totally credible in how his heart has pushed him in ways he never thought he would go…. a very brave man indeed..

Hayley Mills’ Powerful Debut Performance

This film stars the Cinema Idol Horst Bucholz as a Polish Sailor returning to his girl-friend, only to find her in the arms of another man. In a jealous rage, he shoots and kills the woman. The only witness to this crime of passion is a 12 year old girl (played by newcomer Hayley Mills), who saw everything through a letter-box.

What follows is a suspenseful chase by the law, as well as a bitter sweet character study of the likable murderer and the girl who may hold the power to tip the scales of justice. The ending is not much of a surprise, but it’s great fun getting there! In glorious black & white photography, this is a true Classic! Not only do we get introduced to the pre-Disney sweetheart Hayley Mills (who won a Special Juvenile Oscar for her outstanding performance), but we see the celebrated James-Dean-like heart throb Horst Buchholz in one of his early, and much acclaimed roles.

9½ Weeks

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