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The Round Tower 

The Round Tower 

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The Round Tower  Set in mid-1950’s England, this story tells of the wealthy, socially upwardly-progressive Ratcliffe family. Their youngest daughter, seventeen year old Vanessa, feels alienated from her selfish parents, who are more interested in their eldest daughter’s upcoming marriage into one of their town’s old families. An old friend of the family, who is himself trapped in a loveless marriage, makes love to Vanessa one night, and she becomes pregnant, but won’t reveal who the father is. Her parents are sure it is an employee of the Ratcliffe’s, Angus Cotton, who hotly denies this and quits his job to go and start his own business. Vanessa ends up leaving home, and when Angus hears of the poor conditions she’s living in in a Newcastle skid-row neighbourhood, he offers to marry her and she accepts.

Splendid adaptation of the Catherine Cookson novel!


This is a splendid adaptation of Catherine Cookson’s 1950s-era novel The Round Tower

It centers around rich, strong-willed Vanessa Ratcliffe (Emilia Fox) and poor, ambitious Angus Cotton (Ben Miles). Vanessa and Angus are good friends despite her snobbish parents’ objections. When Vanessa becomes pregnant, Angus is wrongfully accused and Vanessa’s life begins to fall apart. Angus comes to her rescue but the events that bring them together also threaten to tear them apart. It is a wonderful, heartwarming story of love, revenge, ambition and the determination to succeed against the odds. A must see!!

This series was not easy to find . I found it on dailymotion in three parts . However the search was worth it . It was a beautiful watch. What I loved about it is, it wasn’t too fairytale like. Not everything is happily ever, they will be trials etc. Most importantly though in the end the couple chose to focus on themselves and stopped seeking validation from the bitter parents of the wife .l recommend this one . It’s real nice

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