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The Quick Gun

The Quick Gun

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The Quick Gun Returning home after a two year absence Clint, known for his fast gun, is caught by Spangler’s gang where he learns they are heading for the same town where they plan to rob the bank. He escapes and although he is not welcome, he warns the few townsmen not away on cattle drives. Two years ago he had to kill two of the Morrisons. When the remaining two Morrisons come after him he kills them and just before the Spangler gang attacks and his gun will be needed, he is jailed. Here Is All The Raw Rampaging Fury Of The West!

The prodigal returns

The Quick Gun Audie Murphy is one of my favorite actors, in westerns he’s real good. Clint Cooper returns to the town he was run out of, 2 years prior to the start of the movie, and he Audie, tells a flash back-like story. He returns because he wants to redeem himself, and in the beginning it’s tense, but as per usual, the town begins to let Clint Cooper know, everything isn’t as it seems. So, without giving the plot away and telling how well lit the scenes are, I will just end by saying if you like to root for the good guy turned bad guy, turned good guy, then you might like this film. One funny thing is seeing a rough tough rancher with a bright purple shirt on. Something tells me, that wouldn’t have happened back in the day. The trouble starts when Tom Morris finds out that Clint Cooper is back in town! Tom want’s revenge for Clint killing his two sons in a gun fight while Tom Morris and his sons were trying to steal Clint’s families land. So the towns people hate Clint and want him gone! But the town doesn’t have time to run him off this time. Spangler’s on his way with his gang to rob the town and burn it to the ground if “I feel like it, nobody could stop us”. Clint’s been thinking about the cute little school marm he left behind, figures he can come home and pick up where he left off! But she’s gonna marry Clint’s old buddy the Town Sheriff. So watch and see how all this untangles! But be careful ‘couse Clint’s gun “got to fast”


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