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The Moving Finger

The Moving Finger

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Her old friend Maude Calthrop, wife of the village vicar, summons Miss Marple when several of the local residents receive a poison pen letter. All of the recipients thus far are men and all are accused of some act of moral turpitude. When the local solicitor’s wife, Angela Symington, is found dead with a poison pen letter at her side, the coroner rules that she took her own life. Not surprisingly, Jane Marple disagrees and is convinced it was murder. When a second villager is killed, it appears Miss Marple is correct. She also deduces the real purpose of the letters.

Very good, with a great cast

I have made no secret of loving the Joan Hickson adaptations of Agatha Christie’s wonderful books, and this is no exception. This is a very good adaptation, it is a little slow on occasions I agree, but not bad, not bad at all. The writers also do an above-respectable job adapting, perhaps lacking the humorous touch of the book, but at least the story is coherent. The production values as always are excellent with lovely scenery, costumes, make-up and photography, the music is lovely and the characters are still interesting, especially the Symmington household. The direction is solid as is the writing and acting- Joan Hickson is just superb as Miss Marple and will always be the best Miss Marple to me. Michael Culver is great as Mr Symmington, Elizabeth Counsell is suitably whiny as his wife and Deborah Appleby is very convincing as Megan. Both Gerry and Joanna still maintain their interest and played well by Andrew Bicknell and Sabina Franklyn, and Penelope Lee is good as Partridge. Overall, this is a very good adaptation with a great cast especially.

Another good Miss Marple

Miss Marple is called into action once again. This time it’s poison pen letters circulating in her friend’s village. However, this wouldn’t be Miss Marple without a murder or two and sure enough we get them. Another enjoyable, leisurely stroll through Christie country

Miss Marple: A Pocketful of Rye

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