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The Moth

The Moth

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The Moth Set in 1913 Northumbria, England, the story is about Robert Bradley, a strong-willed young worker at a Jarrow shipyard, who arrives home one day to find that his father has died. At the funeral he meets his father’s estranged brother, his uncle John Bradley, and his wife Alice who offer Robert a new home and a place in his uncle’s carpentry workshop. Robert accepts and after a few weeks at his new home, he is out walking late one night on the grounds of a rundown estate when he meets an ethereal young girl, Millie Thorman, whom the locals call the Moth, and befriends her. All seems to be going well for Robert until his cousin, Carrie, is revealed to be pregnant. Robert is immediately the suspected father, which he adamantly denies, but no one believes him. Even worse Carrie will not say who the real father is because she has always had a crush on Robert, and would rather marry him. Robert refuses to take the responsibility, shocking the townspeople, and leaves his relative’s house,

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YEAR OF RELEASE :  1954  RUNNING TIME : 95 Min            Color

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User Reviews

Great romantic drama!! A must see!

Th Moth  This is an adaptation of the Catherine Cookson novel and stars Jack Davenport (“The Talented Mr. Ripley”) and Juliet Aubrey (“Middlemarch”). Jacks plays Robert Bradley, a poor carpenter who falls in love with the daughter (Aubrey) of his affluent employer. Class differences and family obligations stand in their way in this tale based in 1940s England. Will their love prevail? See for yourselves! It is a romantic story of class conflict, love, hatred, obsession and courage.

Nostalgic viewing


Back to the Future or Forward to the Past? Watching this oldie on the Drama channel in 2016, the main thing that struck me was how totally gorgeous and drop dead sexy Jack Davenport was in 1997! So I’m shallow, so what. A typical Catherine Cookson story of love triumphing over adversity, and a great way to pass a winter Sunday afternoon.

In this era of fast cutting and flashy cinematography that makes your head spin and eyes hurt, it is a delight to watch a tale with a beginning a middle and an end, characters who seem real if a little stereotyped (it’s Catherine Cookson after all), and a plot full of heroes and villains which is pure escapism and doesn’t require a PhD in Mumble-Deciphering or asking what the heck is going on. It isn’t too challenging, giving us plenty of time to admire Jack’s dreamily expressive eyes and …other attractions. Made me forget my troubles for a couple of hours and that’s worth ten stars for me.

Rag Nymph

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