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The Miniver Story

The Miniver Story

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The Miniver Story  The Second World War is over, and the Miniver family is trying to keep themselves together in post-War Britain, among continuing shortages and growing tensions within the family.

According to Chuchill, she saved England, but . . .

. . . Mrs. Miniver (Greer Garson) could not save herself from a slow death from a heart apparently weakened by the second-hand smoke of all the chain-smoking men in her life. Husband Clem puffs on a pipe when he’s home, while daughter Judy’s officer lovers, Gen. Steve and Captain Tom, make do with plain cigarettes, as does the England-based Yank with a crush on Kay, Col. Spike. Even her oncologist, Dr. Kaneslaey, blows smoke in Kay’s eyes as he informs her she has 6 to 12 months to live early on in THE MINIVER STORY. However, you’ve got to admire Kay’s spunk as she gallantly soldiers on through all this smoke, reconciling Spike with his wife, as well as Steve with HIS wife, while steering Judy and Tom to a wedding which must have been preordained in heaven. As of the date of this review, IMDb had a red letter warning that their synopsis for THE MINIVER STORY is too short; certainly mine just above is more detailed (but my internet connection is not fast enough to jump through all the hoops this site requires for the “privilege” of fixing their deficient synopses). To conclude, so what if Greer married her oldest “son” from this movie’s prequel, MRS. MINIVER? It saved England, according to Winston; give Greer a pass, already!

This is a good sequel to a classic film

The Miniver Story  I watched this sequel on a rental after hearing about it for years and expecting it to be somewhat disappointing. Of course, I knew the original “Mrs. Miniver” Best Picture Oscar winner and had seen that perhaps five times. This follow-up creation was much better than I expected. It tackles important issues of the post-war era just as well as the original showed the problems and challenges during the war. The acting and directing of the film seemed smooth enough. It is a sad, realistic story, without sugar coating. It is not melodramatic. Greer Garson is simply excellent in an understated way and again the story rightfully revolves around her character. Walter Pigeon is also excellent, with his familiar voice serving to narrate the film with thoughtful voice-overs. Those who completely knock this picture compared to the first one need their eyes examined.

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