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The Life And Loves Of A She -Devil

The Life And Loves Of A She -Devil

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The Life And Loves Of A She -Devil, Ruth has everything. A large, warty body, a standard house in the suburbs, two whiney children, a dog, a cat and a guinea pig. She also has Bobo, her unfaithful accountant husband who resents her very existence. Bobo wants, and is wanted by, Mary Fisher. Mary Fisher lives in a lighthouse by the sea and writes about love. When Bobo leaves Ruth for the novelist, she decides that Mary Fisher doesn’t know the first thing about love. Ruth intends to teach her.

A truly amazing work of art

The Life And Loves Of A She -Devil, Words can not express what a truly amazing work of art this series is the acting is amazing it is british drama at its best. Patricia Hodge is perfect as Mary Fisher the beautiful novelist and you have to watch it to believe how truly disgusting julie t wallace is as scorned wife ruth. Add in the wonderful Dennis Waterman and a supporting role from miriam margolles as a lesbian nurse and tom baker as a lecherous priest and you know your in for some comedy. It is one of the first productions that have stayed close to the original novel. The best part is the ending which is very dramatic and not a soppy romantic ending a truly twisted programme just sit back and enjoy. PLEASE BRING IT OUT ON VIDEO / DVD DON’T HIDE IT AWAY

the best and darkest television has to offer

This is some of the best story-telling and acting ever to be seen on the small screen(or the big screen for that matter). A drama with a lot of dark and dry humor. We identify with Ruth, the main character, so thoroughly that we cheer her on as she devises her retribution against her betraying husband and his perfect mistress. But as we watch Ruth take control of her life and we relish her complicated revenge, we become more and more disturbed by the extreme methods she uses. I don’t remember when I’ve encountered another character who was so completely compelling and repelling at the same time. The movie is somewhat slow to start and slow paced, but every minute of this 6 hour mini-series is worth watching. Those of us who were prepared with a vcr are very lucky in that this will not be broadcast very often, nor is it a likely candidate to be released on video.

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