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The Half-Breed

The Half-Breed

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The Half-Breed, It’s just after the Civil War and Frank Crawford it trying to start an Indian war so the Indians will be thrown off the reservation and he can then claim the millions in gold contained there. Dan Craig, a wandering gambler, arrives and meets the half-breed Apache, Charlie Wolf. The two become friends and for a while they are able to prevent trouble. But after Crawford murders Charlie’s half sister, Charlie rebels and an Indian uprising appears imminent.

Apache gold strikes interest.

Indians, gold-seekers and dance hall girls liven this hackneyed saga of a selfish politician trying to start an uprising in order to get to the gold on Apache land. Very good scenery and strong cast; but the story is too predictable. The players include: Robert Young, Janis Carter, Jack Buetel and Reed Hadley.
THE INDIANS ARE COMING! Terror strikes a border town…as daring gambler, jealous dance-hall girl and white man’s villainy spark crimson revolt!
BLAZING TECHNICOLOR ACTION IN WILD INDIAN LAND! Flaming new adventure torn from the crimson history of white man’s villainy and red man’s revenge in Early Arizona! Towering thrills as Half-Breed Charlie Wolf stalks dance hall and desert in the revolt that shook the whole Southwest!

This western is for those who love the genre. Not the greatest western ever made but it has it’s moments. It has been poorly reviewed by many critics but as I enjoy any Western and I think too much has been read into minor downfalls. The acting is acceptable and Jack Buetel of Howards Hughes “The Outlaw” where played Billy the Kid opposite Jane Russell is much better than he has been credited with.
All in all a western that I enjoyed from start to finish. I did not expect great things but I got a good story and 80 minutes of entertainment.

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