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The Disappearing Act

The Disappearing Act

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The Disappearing Act  A mother (Patty Duke) goes to Chicago to try to find her son (Robert Floyd) who has suddenly quit contacting her and can’t be reached.

Well- directed film…


The Disappearing Act  This true story has very good performances and a sad, true story which unfolded in Chicago. Paul Schneider also directed: “Menendez, a Killing in Beverly Hills”, as well as many Lifetime movies.

This film is noteworthy because of the performance by Patty Duke, as the victim’s mother, and Kelly Rowan, as the perpetrator of a heinous crime. Robert Floyd, who portrays Timothy Dolan, the victim, is also a very believable and sympathetic character. Apparently, the family helped to cover up Dolan’s murder, and it is sad to believe that this was a true story.

The backdrop of family violence, and psychological denial is also addressed. It is important and educational to watch such movies, realizing the frightening statistics of domestic violence and even homicide. You will enjoy this film, and Patty Duke again impresses us with her multi-faceted performance.

Touching true-life story


The movie was great, especially those based on actual events I find very intriguing to watch; just because I know it really happened and wasn’t made up. You can learn something from these movies being that it happened in real life. A guy or a girl can learn that in the beginning of a relationship if you notice something disturbing in the person you’re interested ins parents, then maybe take it as a “red flag” that maybe this person you’re interested in could be the same way as the parents that brought them up.

As in this movie, when Timmy (the son eventually missing) noticed that his girlfriend’s Mom was hitting on the Dad, which bothered him to see it; and he confronted his girlfriend about it, she got very defensive and angry and practically started hitting him as well, which continued on throughout the relationship. Now go figure why he didn’t come home…


Final Justice aka A Matter Of Justice

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