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The Crimson Pirate

The Crimson Pirate

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The Crimson Pirate, Burt Lancaster plays a pirate with a taste for intrigue and acrobatics who involves himself in the goings on of a revolution in the Caribbean in the late 1700s. A light hearted adventure involving prison breaks, an oddball Scientist, sailing ships, naval fights, and tons of swordplay.

Lancaster has given the modern cinema more “pure enjoyment” than almost any other major star!

The Crimson Pirate, It’s doubtful whether any pirate ever looked like Lancaster, rigged out in a succession of exaggeratedly modish outfits and bleached-blond hair… He is the 18th-century pirate swashbuckler to end all swashbucklers!

With his mute, but athletic side-kick friend Nick Cravat, Lancaster leads an island’s people in rebellion against the tyrant Baron Gruda… His damsel is Eva Bartok, the freewheeling European beauty…

I don’t know how many times I have seen this buccaneer saga, and still I love it… The film provides lots of thrills and laughs, lots of adventures and excitement …

Great fun all the time…

Lancaster’s sense of comedy was evident enough for critic Alton Cook to call him “one of our most amiable and strenuous comedians.”

For me, Lancaster will be always remembered as the actor who has given the modern cinema more “pure enjoyment” than almost any other major star..

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