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The Black Rose

The Black Rose

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The Black Rose , In the 13th century, Walter of Gurnie, a disinherited Saxon youth, is forced to flee England. With his friend, the master archer Tris, he falls in with the army of the fierce but avuncular General Bayan, and journeys all the way to China, where both men become involved in intrigues in the court of Kublai Khan.

A rousing, old-time action adventure!

The Black Rose , This is one of those movies that makes you feel like a 12-year-old sneaking into the local movie palace on a Saturday afternoon.

If you like exotic locales, rousing action, a lot of humor and a bit of romance thrown in for good measure, you’ll probably enjoy this film as much as I do.

Orson Welles (“Bayan of the Thousand Eyes”) is the real star, though Jack Hawkins, as usual, is terrific. This movie is a delight, and it stands the test of time. Best of all, it leaves you with a contented smile on your face.

romance,action,thrills,scenery,surprise ending

The Black Rose . I saw this movie when I was twelve and identified with the young girl. I may have been young, impressionable, but involved with her character. I fell in love with Tyrone Power.I also felt Orson Welles was very handsome and knowledgeable. I thrilled to the thought of being in her place. I watched avidly the scenery as the film progressed for I was unable to travel as my family was not well off. I often dreamed of visiting foreign countries.I loved their beautiful costumes.I knew very little of the world and soaked up every moment.The Black Rose had many particulars of movies of today, romance,action,thrills,suspense,scenery,and a surprise ending. I believe any young girl of twelve to fourteen would love it today.I hope to see it again soon on Turner Classic Movies.

Colorful Historical fiction

One of those rare adventure films where the villain is nearly as admirable a character as the hero. Perhaps only Orson Wells could pull that off. In fact, the dynamic formula of Welles’ villainy played against the shadowed virtues of Tyrone Power are here-in reminiscent of that same combination in another rarely seen gem, Prince of Foxes. A good film library should contain them both. I don’t think either of them are actually available commercially. Life can be so cruel.

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